• One of the few web based end user BI visualization tool.

  • Enable the Business Users and the Domains Experts to build Reports and Dashboards.

  • No need of hiring professionals for Building Reports and Dashboards.

  • We let our customers focus on domain not on technology.

  • No need to spend on hosting and cloud service providers as BMBI is available as SaaS.

  • No upfront costing, as we provide monthly subscription schemes. Hence its pay as you use.

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Empowers Business Users

The intuitive and lucid user interface makes it easy for the non IT folks.

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Available as SaaS on Cloud

Can be made available as a solution on a cloud instance.

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Handles BigData

Integrates seamlessly with Hadoop.

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Static Reporting Capability

Contains a comprehensive static reporting framework with support for PDFs and Spread Sheets.

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Advanced Infographics

Provides features to build infographics using advanced mathematical and statistical algorithms.